Running with Your Dog: What Breeds Run Best?

June 12, 2012

Dog Breeds That Run Fast : Taking your workout outdoors can be rewarding, more challenging and especially enjoyable if you bring your pup along. If you’re a runner with a dog, the activity is a great one to bond together, get your furry pal exercised and stay in shape. Yet you might be wondering if Fido can handle your runs. While common sense should prevail on incredibly hot or cold days when dogs should take it easy, there are pooches that can handle different seasons better than others. Runner’s World put together an incredibly helpful list that should guide you to understand if your dog is in it for the long haul, a short-distance companion and how they’ll cut it in various temperatures. We’ll break their chart down for you.

Dog Breeds That Run Fast

Long, Steady Runs That Exceed 10 Miles:
Breeds: Weimaraners, Goldendoodles, German shorthaired pointers, Vizslas, Jack Russell terriers
Why: These breeds have a medium build, strong back quarters and aren’t super heavy.

Jack Russel running

Brisk Shorter Runs that are less than 10K:
Breeds: Greyhounds, pit bulls, English setters, beagles, golden and labrador retrievers
Why: These breeds have a muscular build and are lean but generally love a sprint rather than slow steady, long-distance running.

Greyhound running

Going Fast (seven-minute miles or faster):
Breeds: Vizslas, German shorthaired pointers, weimaraners, greyhounds, whippets
Why: These medium-sized, lean breeds have the mind for quick running.

German shorthaired pointer trotting

Long, Slow Runs:
Breeds: Catahoulas, Labrador retrievers, standard poodles, dalmations
Why: These pups have bigger bodies that can handle distance, but at a slow pace.

Dalmation running

Running in the Heat:
Breeds: Rhodesian ridgebacks, vizslas, Airedale terriers, fox terriers
Why: Long noses, short coats and lean bodies make these breeds ideal for hot weather running.

Rhodesian ridgeback running

Running in the Cold:
Breeds: Malamutes, German shepherds, Swiss mountain dogs, Siberian huskies
Why: Their thick coats and stocky bodies are made for cold weather.

Alaskam malamute running

Running on Trails With Obstacles:
Breeds: German shorthaired pointers, vizslas, weimaraners, border collies, Belgian sheepdogs
Why: These dogs will be sure-footed companions that will react quickly, which is why they generally make great herding and hunting dogs (dog walking nyc).

Border collie running

Most Obedient on Heavily Used Trails:
Breeds: Golden and Labrador retrievers, standard poodles, labradoodles, border collies
Why: These breeds are highly people-oriented and very obedient with calm personalities.

Labrador running

Have a great run!

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