Ellis the Seeing Eye Dog Helps Owner Graduate Law School

May 29, 2012

Amanda Davis dreamed of living in New York City, but it wasn’t always a possibility. Davis is legally blind and used to rely on help from her friends and family to get around as well as a walking cane. However, Davis applied for, and was given a dog from The Seeing Eye and since then her life has changed.

Seeing Eye Dog For The Blind

Davis was paired with Ellis, a black lab, and the two got her undergraduate degree together at University of Tampa. When Davis got in to New York Law School, her mom worried about the hectic city but put her fears aside and helped Davis find a doorman apartment and map out her route to school. Then the Davis and Ellis set out to get their law degree (nyc dog walker).
NYLS accommodated Ellis by giving him room in the classroom and time to take needed breaks, but Davis did have issues getting a cab or entering certain restaurants. Through her experience she is more motivated to help raise awareness that service dogs are legally allowed in public and private places.
All of Davis’ hard work at law school culminated, recently, in her walk across the Radio City Music Hall stage with Ellis, dressed in graduation garb, by her side. The two got big applause and they deserved it! Davis truly appreciates all Ellis has done for her and said, “I couldn’t have done this without Ellis.”
Congratulations to both Davis and Ellis! We love seeing how dogs can change lives -seeing eye dog for the blind.

Source: Info and image via NY Daily News

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