Dogs in the City: Justin Silver Works with NYC Pooches

May 30, 2012

With the success of Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, it was only a matter of time until new versions of the show started popping up. One such show, which sounds pretty interesting to us, is called Dogs in the City and features Justin Silver, a dog behaviorist that seems to have real chats with his dog clients. The show focuses on dogs living in New York City and Silver deals with all the quirks that come with city life.

According to Silver, one in eight New Yorkers own a dog. He helps these people get some perspective and learn tools that will help them live a happy and well-balanced life with their pooch. In one episode, Silver works with a woman named Elli who brings her dog to work despite the fact that her pup tries to attack people. As part of Silver’s shtick, he pulls Elli’s dog aside and has a one-on-one with her. As expected, Silver finds more issues with dog owners than the dogs and he sees himself as an interpreter that helps dogs and people understand each other (dog walking services nyc).

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Despite the fact that we’ve seen behaviorist shows before, we’re actually excited to watch this one as it takes place right here in NYC. We think it will be a welcome change to see Silver deal with issues that many of us face each day, unique to urban living.
The show premier tonight, March 30, at 8pm. Will you tune in?

Sources: Images and info via New York Times

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