The Pawesome Guide To The Best Dogs For NYC Apartment Living

June 6, 2018

New to New York City? Are you ready to search for the most popular dog for apartment living?

The City of New York has become pet-central for all kinds of doggie owners! Whether you’re from Manhattan, New Jersey, or Brooklyn dogs are everywhere! Choosing a pooch for your apartment and lifestyle can be quite hard! But, don’t worry because today we will talk about the best dogs for New York City apartments!

Pawesome Guide

If you’ve just moved into your first NYC apartment and are now ready to commit to your first canine friend, then this article is just for you! Here we’ll cover:

  • Apartment Dwelling Dogs—Traits to Consider
  • Top 5 Tiny Pups Suited For Small Apartments!
  • Top 5 Medium Sized Pooches for Apartments

Apartment Dwelling Dogs—Traits to Consider

Before you start your search for the ultimate city pooch, you’ll first need to break down the most important traits that make dogs good in small apartments, and whether or not that pooch fits your lifestyle (dog walker).

Here we’ll cover five key traits every soon-to-be dog owner needs to look at before they decide to bring a furrever friend into their NYC home!

Size Says It All

Pawesome Guide

One of the most important traits pet owner’s need to consider when bringing a new dog into their home is the size of the dog, and the potential space available to that dog. Now, while some people do prefer big dogs—say over small dogs! It’s crucial to keep your animal’s welfare in mind, and not your personal preference.

So, how do you choose the right pooch for your home? It’s quite simple actually!

If you’ve got a cramped studio apartment or a condo style home in a large building, then you might want to consider a small breed dog who would be quite contempt with a small space. However, if you’ve got a townhouse, then you can potentially consider a bigger dog.

A Pooch That’s Laid Back Vs A Pooch Who Loves To Run!

Best NYc Dogs

I think one of the biggest considerations to keep in mind is your new dog’s activity and energy needs! For instance, if you decide to go with a hound type dog (these are active pups), then you’d need to make sure you’re able to meet their energy requirements adequately.

One of the biggest factors here is too not only consider the dog’s activity level, but also the owner’s personal lifestyle, and the willingness to fulfill their pets needs.

You Don’t Want A Howler or Barker!

When it comes to living in the city, one of the most important factors to account for is your new dog’s inclination to howl or bark! When living in an apartment, dogs who bark or howl a lot may disturb neighbors or landlords this can pose to be quite a big problem for many pet owner’s, so be sure you choose a breed that only barks or howls on occasion.

Easy To Train and Adaptable!

Nyc Apartments for dogs

Apartment living is sometimes a lot easier for people than it is for pets! Dogs who have not been properly socialized and desensitized to the loud noises of the city may develop anxiety when around large crowds of people. This is why it’s important to consider a breed that is not only easy to train but also a breed that’s able to adapt to a different environment.

Top 5 Tiny Pups Suited For Small Apartments!

Sassy, energetic, and easy to travel with! Who doesn’t love those cute little small dogs? While there are many little dogs who’d make great apartment pets, we’ve decided to narrow it down to the top five best dogs for apartments.

1. Chihuahua


Pros: well suited to small apartments, moderate energy, low-maintenance
Cons: prone to separation anxiety
Best suited to—first-time dog owners who may live in small studio-style apartments.

The spunky little Chihuahua—yes, this breed has become quite well known in New York for his ability to adapt to an apartment. Chihuahuas are fairly easy to maintain dogs that can make great companions to any NY apartment dweller. The only downfall to this pooch is that he can get quite anxious when away from his pet-parent for too long!

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Pros: friendly pup, that’s well suited to small apartments, moderate energy, low-shedding, very affectionate towards people and other pets
Cons: cautious around strangers, stubborn at times
Best suited to—people looking for a small easy going, active dog.

Known for his playful, fun-loving demeanor the Yorkshire terrier has truly captivated the hearts of pet owners across NY! These little pups are not only very playful, but they are also quite people oriented. If you’re looking for a pooch who’s easy to travel with, then the Yorkie is perfect for you!

3. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Pros: Does not shed, playful, adapts to any type of apartment
Cons: requires frequent grooming, hard to housebreak at times
Best suited to—first-time pet owner’s seeking a playful dog

Allergy friendly, low-shedding, and playful—How could you not love the little Shih Tzu! These daring pups are great for first-time owner’s seeking a pooch that does not shed a lot. But, be warned! These dogs do require a lot of grooming which can be costly

4. French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Pros: laid back, friendly to all, moderate energy
Cons: hard to housebreak, stubborn, frequent shedding, cannot tolerate extreme weather
Best suited to—any pet owner

Without a doubt, the French Bulldog can easily be considered the most popular pooch in New York City, and why not! These little dogs are really easy to care for making them great pets for first-time dog owner’s. The French Bulldog is a very playful pup that will thrive in his owner’s company. They can be stubborn at times and will not be able to tolerate hot summers or those cold winters.

5. Maltese


Pros: playful pooch, friendly to all, hypoallergenic
Cons: high-grooming needs, separation anxiety, sensitive to new places
Best suited to—pet owner’s who can provide plenty of quality time with their pooch.

Sweet-natured at heart, the Maltese can truly be quite a loyal companion. These dogs can be very playful with their owner’s or family pets. However, they can be shy when meeting a new person or pet. The biggest con to the Maltese is that they can be quite sensitive to new places, so be sure you desensitize your pooch to loud city noise

Top 5 Medium Sized Pooches for Apartments

Looking for something a little bigger than a toy breed? Here are some top-notch medium-sized pups that can adapt well to apartments.

1.  Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

Pros: Independent nature, high-energy, quite
Cons: often not friendly to other pets, requires plenty of socialization, frequent exercise
Best suited to—pet owner’s seeking an active dog

An internet sensation! The Shiba Inu is what we love to call—the cat of the dog world! This is because these doggos prefer to keep to themselves. Shibas can be considered a “one-man’s dog,” which means they will bond quite closely to a single owner. Because of their high energy needs, we recommend the Shiba Inu to any pet owner who can exercise this pooch for a minimum of 60 to 75 minutes daily.

2. English Bulldog

English Bulldog

Pros: very laid back, family friendly pooch
Cons: drools a lot, frequent shedding, weather sensitivity
Best suited to—pet owner’s seeking a low maintenance dog that will not require much exercise

New York City’s most popular dog breed! Like the French Bulldog—the English Bulldog seems to have captured the hearts of many city dwellers. These dogs are easy to maintain as they require moderate exercise. This makes them great for anyone who has a busy life hustling and bustling to work!

3. Beagle


Pros: high energy, easy to train, adapts well to apartments
Cons: destructive when bored, requires frequent exercise
Best suited to—experienced pet owner’s who are seeking an energetic dog

Outgoing and easy to train, Beagles are quite a loving dog breed that’s been gaining popularity amongst New Yorkers! This is because these dog’s not only adapt well to their environment, but they’re also incredibly adorable to look at! The only con to this breed is that they tend to follow their nose! Like many hound-type dogs, Beagles do have the potential to accidentally wander off from their home in search of adventure!

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pros: great watchdog, gentle, easy to maintain
Cons: not suited to new dog owner’s, requires frequent exercise
Best suited to—experienced pet owner’s with plenty of time

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has become quite notorious for his fearless personality. These dog’s stay loyal to owners and are gentle with pets and kids. They are energetic dogs that will require frequent visits to the dog park or regular walks. Because these doggos are incredibly powerful, we suggest that only experienced pet owner’s take them on!

5. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Pros: low energy, adapts well to apartment living
Cons: a tendency to howl, hard to train
Best suited to—pet owners who live in apartments that don’t mind noisy dogs

A nonchalant pooch! The Basset Hound is a dog that can adapt to an apartment lifestyle. These dogs can be quite social at times, but for the most part, you can expect them to sleep a lot! While they aren’t high energy dogs, they will still require regular walks to keep any extra weight off! Perhaps the biggest downfall of this breed is his proclivity to howl on occasion.

Top 5 Large Dog Breeds In NYC Apartments

When it comes to big dogs in tight spaces, it’s important to really exercise them as much as you can. This is because of many of these large dogs like the Boxer and Labradoodle will require a minimum o 75 minutes of daily physical activity.

1. Labradoodle


Pros: Easy to train, great in apartments, friendly

Cons: High-energy, will require a lot of exercises, high-grooming needs

Best suited to— family or people with an active lifestyle

When you cross the intelligent Standard Poodle with the merry Labrador, you get the charming Labradoodle. The Labradoodle is an incredibly loving family member who is not only smart but also incredibly hyper! These doggos are easy to train, don’t bark too much, and are very tolerant of other pets. So, if you’ve got an active lifestyle then the Labradoodle could be the perfect apartment pooch!

2.  Great Dane

Great Dane

Pros: adaptable, able to live in apartments, laid-back

Cons: will require frequent walks

Best suited to— people who live in large apartments and are moderately active

Who would have thought that the world’s largest dog could make it on our list of the best dogs for New York apartments! Well, the Great Dane made it to our list because of his incredibly docile nature. These dog’s—despite their size, are fairly low maintenance and can adapt very well to apartments in busy cities. They can be quite playful and active so we do recommend that owners exercise these dogs regularly.

3.  Greyhound


Pros: requires bursts of energy, calm, able to live in apartments

Cons: Independent, enjoys chasing other small animals

Best suited to— experienced home without children and small pets

Believe it or not! The worlds fastest dog—the Greyhound, has also made it onto our list. Greyhounds are quite calm animals, they are affectionate and are able to live in apartments or small townhouses.  Now, the Greyhound does require short bursts of exercise to release pent-up energy. For this, we recommend taking them to dog parks or for long runs.

4.  Bullmastiff


Pros: Gentle around children and other pets, low energy, laid back

Cons: Stubborn when it comes to training, frequent barker

Best suited to—people with large apartments who can devote 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day.

Big, scary, and strong! Yes, the Bullmastiff can seem like quite an intimidating dog to people. But, rest assure these doggos are very gentle and loving. They are fairly laid-back, relaxed dog’s who would be satisfied with 75 to 90 minutes of slow-paced walks each day. They do well in all sorts of homes and rarely cause problems. Because of their stubborn demeanor, power, and barking potential, we recommend that these dog’s go to an experienced home.

5.  Boxer

Pawesome Guide

Pros: Adapts well to an apartment, easy to train

Cons: very energetic!

Best suited to—people with an energetic, active lifestyle

Boxers are what we love to call the drama queens of the doggie world. These dogs certainly have a unique personality that would draw any pet-lover towards them. Easy to train, intelligent, and adapted to small homes, Boxers can be a great addition to any New Yorkers life! However, be warned—these dogs require a lot of exercises!

The Best Dogs for New York Apartment Living—Meeting Your Dogs Needs!

Today one of the biggest dilemma pet owners face is their inability to adequately exercise their canine companion. When working with any kind of dog breed, it’s important to devote as much time as you possibly can to training and mentally stimulating your dog.

Dogs who are bored or not properly exercised are at risk of developing anxiety. In order to cope with boredom, your dog may become destructive while home alone or they may begin to bark and whine excessively.

Remember you’re never alone! Here at New York Pooch, we devote countless hours and training in order to ensure our dog walkers NYC can meet your pet’s needs!

So, if you decide to choose a Greyhound, Bullmastiff, or even a Chihuahua then don’t worry! We’ve got dog-runners, trainers, and walkers to help you exercise your pooch!

The New York Pooch—Which One Will You Choose!

When it comes to choosing the best dog for NYC Apartment living, there are many dog breeds you can choose from! But, it’s important to remember that no matter what dog you choose in the end, each pooch is sure to bring that much-deserved spark into your life!

Are you ready to get yourself a canine companion? The check out our Three Tips For Finding a Breeder to help you out!

Got a question about what’s the best dog for your apartment? Let us know in the comments below

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