Random Acts of Puppy Play Make People Happy

December 17, 2012
how do puppies act

When it comes to content marketing, Beneful knows where it’s at. Recently they took advantage of the fact that office-goers need a little more dog in their lives and dispatched a Boston terrier named Webster into a big Chicago office building to brighten up everyone’s day (dog walking New York).

How Do Puppies Act:

Webster can be seen roaming around with a tennis ball making the surprised workers smile and encouraging them to play fetch with him. It just goes to show how much happier a dog in the workplace can make people!

Also as part of Beneful’s “Random Acts of Play” series, 11-week-old pups roam the sidewalks and play with pedestrians effortlessly spreading happiness. Who doesn’t want a face kiss from a puppy on the way to work?

Watch these fun videos and get your digital fix of puppy play.



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