Getting you and your pooch ready for Summer!

June 6, 2013

Getting Ready For Summer With Your Pooch

Alright puppy lovers! If you’re anything like me, there is nothing better than getting home from a good exercise date with your pooch and watching him collapse in elated exhaustion as you walk through your front door. Like Sir Cesar Millan says, the #1 rule to a happy and well trained dog is exercise! But sometimes a walk just doesn’t cut it…or a trip to the dog park falls short because you need to get your buns moving too. So in the spirit of sharing great and fun ideas, here are a couple of my favorite ways to get my pooch moving while I burn a few calories myself!
I’m a big fan of longboarding and use it as a main source of transportation pretty frequently. But when I need to get my pup out of the house and onto the streets, I can always rely on my 4-wheeled form of transportation to get my 4-legged friend moving!

Now if your pooch isn’t quite coordinated enough to kick, push and coast himself…kick him off the board and ride it yourself (of course you can substitute a skateboard, rollerskates or blades).

I have a pooch that will stay right by my side when I longboard…but don’t be surprised that it may take a time or two to get your pup used to it, but once they know the routine, it’s a blast for all involved. just remember to bring the water…for the both of you!!
I have a corgi mix, so having him pull me around is out of the question, but if you have a big dog like this Rot or other big breeds, add to their daily exercise routine “sleigh-dog”…they’ll love it! (just no UPHILL pulling!)

And to add to the fun, make it an event for the whole family! Nothing makes your dog happier than being surrounded by everyone he loves! And I’m pretty sure the kids will dig it too.
Another great idea is a doggy-bike-along dog walker service.

Need to get somehwhere? Bike the trip! and take your best buddy with you! They even sell hands-free bike leashes that make it easier AND safer to travel via 2 wheels.
And a great thing about this form of exercise is you can carry on in most weather conditions, just remember to bundle up in the winter months- though I won’t dwell on this since summer is quickly apporaching and we got to keep it positive!

I hope this post helps inspire you and your family to get out there and play! It’s good for your pup, it’s good for your kids, and it’s good for YOU! So get off your phone and start exploring and have FUN!

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