Dogs Rule, Cats Drool? You Decide!

September 8, 2014

Happy Monday pooch lovers!
Let’s kick this week off with something fun, informative and a little controversial. Whether you’re strictly a dog person, cat enthusiast or lover of all furry friends, the war between cats and dogs is alive and well. Everyone has their side and it’s pretty obvious which side we’re on, but we thought we’d do a little research and give you the facts, infographic-style!

Dogs Rule Cats Drool

Find out whether all the stereotypes are true and learn something new to talk about at the dog park this week. Hopefully it’ll scare away those Monday blues and get you even more excited to go home to your pets tonight (nyc dog walking).

Who knew cats are the most popular pets in the U.S?! NOT US! It’s safe to say we’re a flabbergasted! Although our canine friends are a close second, this infographic is really all about dog people vs. cat people. So here’s your chance to weigh up the odds, get the facts and decide for yourself. Let the ultimate battle between dogs and cats begin!

P.S DOGS RULE! (Obviously) Now check out this Dogs Vs. Cats infographic and tell us what you think:

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