Walking The Blog Presents #ViralVideoTuesday

September 9, 2014

Welcome to #ViralVideoTuesday! Yup, you guessed it. We’ll be posting only the best, craziest, cutest, heartwarming-est, most popular videos on the internet..about dogs. Because why watch funny people do things when you can watch funny pooches do things instead?!
This Tuesday we’re getting into the Halloween spirit a little early with the most popular video on the internet at the moment (seriously!). It features a cute little dog, a very creative Halloween costume and a lot of people running away screaming. “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” has been viewed almost 60 million times in under a week. Now that’s impressive!

The Polish YouTube prankster, SA Wardega, dressed his little dog Chica in an elaborate mutant spider costume and let him loose on the streets of Poland. This viral video is so brilliant, it’ll make you laugh until you cry and it’ll also give you that much-needed inspiration for your own dog’s Halloween costume this year. It’s never too early to start planning! No one’s really sure if the victims of this prank are aware that their mutant attacker was just Chica the dog, and that might be the best part of this whole video!
In case mutant spiders aren’t really your dogs style, here’s some more Halloween inspiration to giggle at this Tuesday:

Have a happy Tuesday and don’t forget to share this pooch post with your two-legged friends!

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