Friday Fun: Five Adorable Dog Videos

February 1, 2013

Adorable Dog Videos: Happy dog-lovin’ Friday! If your week’s been rough we’ve got just the thing for you. Dog videos! Watch a baby pup aspire to be on the treadmill, a wheelchair-ridden dog run agility, a fox named Roxy who basically is a dog, a stick-obsessed pooch and the best dog happy dance you’ve ever seen (nyc dog walker). Enjoy!

Adorable Dog Videos

1. Bandit the puppy wants to be just like his the older dogs!

2. Being in a wheelchair does not stop this amazing dog from doing an agility course!

3. This rescued fox thinks she’s a dog! She’s even good friends with the dogs in the house.

4. This dog is determined to keep his stick.

5. Finally, it’s Friday! Do the happy dance like this puppy.

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