New Zealand Dogs Learn to Drive Cars

December 5, 2012
new zealand dogs driving

Ever think a dog could drive a car? No? We didn’t either. But apparently, in New Zealand, trainers are working with dogs to do just that. With extensive training and lots of practice, dogs Monty, Ginny and Porter, are actually behind the wheel of an automobile (with supervision, of course) making it go.

New Zealand Dogs Driving

Dog handlers began by teaching simpler tasks such as braking, changing gears and steering, all as individual tricks. They worked with the dogs in an indoor contraption before they felt the dogs were ready to get behind the real thing.
With some help, once the dogs got outside they were able to put the car in gear, and drive! According to dog trainer, Mark Vette, after the dogs learned 10 behaviors, they put them together. “So each behavior is a trained behavior, and then you put them into a sequence (nyc dog walker). So it’s a lot to do, and for the dog to actually start to get an idea of what actually is happening takes quite a long time.”
While we hope that the dogs are never actually on the road, this is pretty cool!
Watch the video below:


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