Dog Walker of the Month: Margaret Groppe

March 2, 2016

If you spend time in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, chances are good you’ve seen Margaret Groppe biking around! Since December 2014, she’s been walking NYC Pooches, and loving it.
“Dog walking was the only job that appealed to me in the city.” She told me, and confessed she is a lover of the outdoors. “…I would get claustrophobic doing anything else.”

marg4The appeal of being outdoors is often a draw for us dog walkers, but when it comes to Margaret, it’s part of her. She went to James Madison University (JMU) for communications and environmental studies, and has worked on many farms. A far cry from New York City!
One of those farms was a sheep farm. Margaret worked there training herding dogs, which is super cool. “I just really love working with animals.” Margaret said. “I’ve always felt I could easily connect with and understand them.” But herding dogs weren’t the only animals she worked with! In the past she rode horses, and still does when the opportunity arises! And even though she lives in New York and rides less, she still puts effort in being with animals as a dog walker, and a dog foster mom. A bad ass one.

marg3No, really. The Bad Ass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a non-profit, compiled of volunteers. Their website flat out says “Saving Bad Ass Dogs From Idiot Humans,” and I think that’s a cause we can all get behind. For the last few months, Margaret has offered her time and home to fostering. So far, she has enjoyed the wonderful company of two foster pups. Her first was a puggle named Steve Bucsemi. Adopted 3 weeks ago, Margaret told me “…it was really hard to see him go…” but “…knowing [the dogs] go to really good homes makes it all worth while.” Part of being a foster parent is accepting that you’re an important stepping stone; a place of comfort and rehabilitation. And we are positive Steve Bucsemi appreciates everything Margaret gave him!

She keeps her chin up, though, and has taken on her second foster: Sharon Osborne. If you’re wondering about the names, I was too. Margaret laughed, “..the rescue group names them all after celebrities…” Sharon is a chihuahua terrier mix, and has a son that Margaret sometimes takes on. His name? Jack Osborne. And as of March 1st, there is hope both of them will be adopted within the week!

So how did Margaret get to New York? After graduation, she traveled, including coming here to visit her sisters. Then, she “just decided to stay.” At first, dog walking seemed like a great way to earn some cash while crashing for a few months. That was a year ago, “…and I love it, and don’t have plans on leaving anytime soon!”


We’re so lucky to have a great walker on our team, especially one so devoted to animals and making their days happier. Margaret continues to enjoy the outdoors even when she isn’t zooming on her bike to her next dog! She hikes and loves to travel. And when I asked her to share something personal, Margaret offered up the website of the Bad Ass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.
Thanks, Margaret! You’re an amazing member of our team.

Here is a video about the Bad Ass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, recommended by Margaret!

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