5 Animal Politicians Who Want Your Vote!

March 4, 2016


Sunol, California once had an honorary mayor—a lab and rottweiler mix named Bosco Ramos. Bosco was “elected” 1981, and served for 3 years. His career was faced with some national, and international critiques, but the town of Sunol keeps their honorary mayor’s legacy light hearted. He even has his own statue!



2001 saw the rise of a French Dachshund whose name wonderfully translates to “Sausage.” He ran in the municipal elections in Marseille, and although he only won 4% of the votes his political career launched him into other opportunities. He was a contestant on the reality show Secret Story.


Every once in a while, Stubbs shows up on popular news sights. Like Bosco, Stubbs was elected the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska in 1997 (the same year he was born.) He’s still mayor in 2016! The town itself is too small to have a true mayor, but that doesn’t stop Stubbs from enjoying the luxuries of his position. Apparently, he enjoys a catnip glass of water (served in a wine glass) each afternoon.

stubbsPicture taken by Jenni Konrad under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. It has been resized.

Giggles the Pig

Sometimes the participation of animal politicians is a great way to educate voters on how the system actually works. That was the case with Giggles the Pig from Flint, Michigan. Giggles’ write-in-campaign for mayor was in 2015, and even though it was later cancelled, his internet fame is used for good causes. His facebook page (GigglesThePig4FlintMayor) continues to support good causes in Flint, Michigan.

Limberbutt McCubbins

This year’s presidential election is hot in the news! But I bet you haven’t heard of the Democratic candidate Mr. McCubbins, a cat from Kentucky. Under the slogan “Meow is the Time,” Limberbutt McCubbins has been interviewed by all sorts of media, including The Rachel Maddow Show, and covered by more. Limberbutt’s campaign has been used to draw attention to the Federal Election Commission, and to support younger people to be involved in modern politics. Good luck, Limberbutt!

Bonus: Crawfish B. Crawfish

In July, 2015 a Louisiana crawfish registered with the Federal Election Commission. His political career started when his facebook page challenged Bobby Jindal to see who could have more supporters. With the slogan “Make America Tasty Again,” Crawfish is in the 2016 presidential race. “Race, gender, religious and political beliefs, biological genus – these things should not divide us. They should ENCOURAGE us.” His official site states. As a humble ol’ crawfish, Crawfish has a lot of big ideas, including women’s rights, gay rights, and education.

Getting ready to head out for the Boil of Bobby Jindal! Will we see you there?! #Crawfish2016

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