Dog Sweets: New York’s Dog Desserts and Treats

March 30, 2016

Have you heard the ice cream trucks playing their songs, yet? I have. It’s another reminder that nice weather means nice treats. Even today I saw a dog get excited when a ice cream truck passed by! We’re all jonesing for the sweets these days, but where can we find somewhere that caters to both us and our dogs? Take a peak at the list below: Places where your best friend can have a sweet tooth to match your own.

Good Enough to Eat, Upper West Side

I pass Good Enough to Eat on a daily basis, and I’ve always enjoyed the overwhelming smell of bacon that gushes out onto Columbus Avenue. What I didn’t know is that bacon is used to make scrumptious treats for your dog. The bacon adds the flavor, but the baker has put a lot of effort into health as well. Digestion, healthy coat, and of course that delicious bacon are all benefits. I wouldn’t mind stopping in for a few, myself.


Bocce’s Bakery

Bocce’s Bakery has a sweet beginning. The origin story talks about an over weight pup and his mom looking for a solution. Their site says, “I was shocked with the amount of preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that I had never heard of in his food…” Thus is the origin of this “organic, seasonal” organization. It has connections with Shake Shack, which means I can finally get dog treats with my Shack-Burger. Finally.


Zoomies, West Village

One of the reviews for Zoomies on Yelp starts off with “Zoomies is crazy-dog-lady paradise.” That’s a tall order! But from what it seems, people gush about Zoomies like Victorians did about Selfridges.
Zoomies is more than just a bakery, though. Offering home made dog treats, and some couture items. No, really! The owner worked for Christian Dior.
So, if you think you’re a crazy-dog-lover, maybe the West Village has a cure-for-what-ails-ya.

Sprinkles, Upper East Side

Walking down the street the other week, a couple stopped me and asked if they were near “…Sprinkles. They have cupcakes that come out of a vending machine.” I was a little taken a-back. But it’s true! The Cupcake ATM is one highlight of this bakery, but there’s another one: the popular pupcakes that are made specifically for your pooch. I’m not sure if they’re in the ATM, but it would be worth a visit to find out!


Clementine Bakery, Brooklyn

If you and your pup prefer a vegan, organic life style (and gluten free if you need it,) Clementine has what you need. They’re on Greene Ave in Brooklyn, but wow! For what they offer on their menu, it wouldn’t matter where the bakery was located. Here’s a little secret: they also have home made doggy treats. It’s always a good idea to call ahead!


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