These New York Pets Rocked The Vote!

April 20, 2016

Yesterday, April 19th, 2016, was the Primary Elections for New York State! All day, the City was bustling with political t-shirts, buttons, promoters, and people who just wanted to give a friendly reminder: “Have you voted yet?” And there is one group of New Yorker’s who didn’t forget to vote: The New York Pets!

Sharp-Pei’s Did…

Kitties Did…

#nycvotes #nyvotes #ivotedtoday

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Yorkie’s Did!

This Guy Feels The Bern

#ivotedtoday #nyvotes #nyprimary

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This One Loves Democracy!

He’s Trying To Raise The Woof

And Even Our Very Own Emily Found Time To Vote!

Bark the vote-did I do this right?

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So! To everyone who Flexed-Their-Political-Muscle yesterday, thank you!

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