Curb Your Turd: 5 Friendly Reminders With Style

April 15, 2016

There’s a little something we dog lovers are well acquainted with. Well. In some cases it may not be so little. But if everything is good, we can expect it to be as regular as the sun. Yup, I’m talking bowels.
In New York, there’s a $25-$200 fine for pulling the Ol’ Squeeze & Leave. So, there’s nothing wrong with having friendly reminders to curb, and clean up after your pup. In the spirit of making a dirty job feel like Christmas, places around the world have taken the opportunity to flex the creative side of their brain! And I must admit–I’d like to see more funny Curb Your Dog signs around town clean up dog poop.

clean up dog poop

Ohh, Britain. clean up dog poop You have such a great way with words. And Sludge G has a way of capturing them!

Dog Poo Belongs To You!
Cardiff Road, Taffs Well - dog fouling sign

On Cardiff Road in Wales, Elliot Brown found this rather amusing rhyme. He shared it under this license so we can all enjoy it! (dog walking services nyc)

Spray It, Don’t Say It
Slanty Curb Your Dawg
As a dog walker, I’m constantly glancing down to check on my friend. And user Aoife found a great way to remind people of their Doo-Doo Duties!

Can’t Wish It Away
dog poo fairy-clean up dog poop

Once again, Britain is killing it. By offering this pic, Clive Darra really speaks to my soul clean up dog poop.

Ten Commandments of Poop

thou shalt not poop : st. john the divine cathedral church, manhattan (2013)But as usual, New York City walks away with the prize. The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine has outdone themselves with a series of signs. Thanks torbakhopper for sharing!

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