Dog Walker of the Month: Eric Swanson

April 13, 2016

“I was born and raised in Chicago…” Eric sent me via text. I’m always interested in how people find themselves in New York; and Eric to Washington Heights to be exact, where he lives with his dog: Oliver. Eric got him from a breeder while living in Chicago. 8 weeks old, living on the “shores of Lake Michigan.”oliver3
The pair have moved around a little: from Chicago to Rochester, and then here, where Eric walks the dogs of SOHO. “Been with the Pooch for an entire year now with the same pups for the most part.” He said. “…I obviously love dogs. Especially big ones!” Oliver is a Bernese Mountain dog! “When I’m not walking other people’s dogs I’m walking him.”

Eric puts his love and care of Oliver into his SOHO pups. In fact, that is how he got interested in dog walking. When Oliver was a little baby, living the life on the 17th floor of a high rise, Eric connected with a Chicago dog walker: “I had the most amazing dog walker…” He said. “She was my inspiration to get into the business.”eric2


In Chicago, Eric had gotten his degree in fine arts, moving on to become a tour guide with Chicago Segway Experience. Yes. It’s what it sounds like! And I know I wouldn’t mind scooting around Chicago on a Segway for a job. But that wasn’t the only thing he did: “My dad owns a business that specializes in the preservation and restoration of metal.” As an architectural metal refinisher, Eric worked with his dad for years.
But while living in Chicago, he also worked in his passion. Remember his degree in fine arts? After graduation, he dove into the local theater scene. For about 3 years, he was involved in “dozens of shows…” When he moved to Rochester, which was for less than a year, he was in another 7 shows. In that amount of time, 7 is a big number! He’s also done commercials, and voice acting on top of that!

His day job in Rochester sounds familiar to other dog walkers’ stories: an office job, assistant work. And when he shifted to New York City, he decided to look for something different. “I love the outdoors and physical work,” Eric said. “So when I moved here I wanted to get out of an office and do something more in that world.” With his obvious love of dogs, working with them seemed to make sense! Here’s looking at you, Oliver!

Eric still keeps up with the theater! In fact, this summer he is “about to embark on my 3rd off Broadway run…” in New York. It will be at Theater 80 St. Marks! For more about his work, you can check out his website. For more about the production company running his upcoming show, you can look at their projects on their website!

And we at NYC Pooch want to offer a warm Thank You to Eric for all his hard work, his attentive care, and pure love of dogs. We hope, when it comes to your off Broadway run, you “Break A Leg!” When it comes to dog walking…well…


If you don’t mind some language, check out Eric in action!


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