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    WE LOVE Pit Bulls!

    October 17, 2014

    Happy Friday dog lovers! The work week is finally over and it’s time to kick back and hang out with your pooch. To celebrate the weekend, we thought we’d talk about something else that we love – Pit Bulls! They’re… » Read More

  • OMG! This week we’re celebrating one of man’s most favorite dog breeds EVER. They’re known for their good looks, fun-loving natures and their love of water. Any guesses? Yeah right, like the headline of this blog post and the picture… » Read More

  • As our adorable friend said above, Happy Friday! Fridays are definitely our favorite days, and not because tomorrow is Saturday. On Fridays we post the Breed of the Week and this week we’re celebrating all the amazingness of the world’s… » Read More

  • Funnies


    September 19, 2014

    Hey, pug lovers! Today we’re celebrating all the incredibly fantastic things that make pugs our favorite alien-faced cutie pies. It’s Friday and what better way to unwind into the weekend than to look at a bunch of googly-eyed, curly-tailed pugs!… » Read More