Breed Of The Week: Labrador Retrievers

October 3, 2014

OMG! This week we’re celebrating one of man’s most favorite dog breeds EVER. They’re known for their good looks, fun-loving natures and their love of water. Any guesses? Yeah right, like the headline of this blog post and the picture of the three Labs didn’t give it away already. This week we’re celebrating Labradors! Yay! These sweethearts are one of the most popular family dogs in the world. In fact, most dog lovers even believe that Labrador Retrievers are the world’s all-time favorite breed of dog. I don’t know about that, but I do know that I can’t wait for the CUTENESS that’s about to happen!
So to kick off our celebration of Labs this week, we thought we’d jump right in and share some crazy interesting facts about them. But not without a whole bunch of hilarious, adorable and just plain LOL videos, memes and photos! This is going to be fun, I can tell!

1. Labradors have WEBBED TOES! Like frogs.
OK, so we all know that Labs are amazing swimmers that never want to get out of the water, but do you know why? It’s because they’re built for swimming. Their webbed toes make them powerful in the water and their otter-like tails help them navigate through water like a rudder on a boat. They also have a double coat of hair, making them pretty much waterproof. The soft undercoat actually is water-resistant and their natural oils actually repel water. Whaaat?! Your best furry friend is pretty much a total superhero.

2. (Most) Labs don’t make very good guard dogs
If you’ve ever owned a Labrador, you’d know just how over-friendly they can be, even with strangers. There’s a reason behind that and it’s actually pretty scientific. Labs are a non-territorial breed. Yup, they’re not really that interested in protecting their territory or yours, but if you throw their ball, they probably won’t give it back to you.

They’re even over-friendly to inanimate objects! But it’s the cutest thing ever.

3. Labradors have incredible control over their jaws!
No, we don’t mean biting people! They’re too friendly for that. We’re talking about how they can carry objects in their mouth with a tremendous amount of care and control. Some have even been known to carry eggs in their mouths without breaking them. Impressive!

4. Some people believe that black Labradors are smarter than the rest
Labrador Retrievers are official recognized in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate. Many dog enthusiasts actually believe that black Labs are way smarter than the yellow and chocolate ones. That’s a bit awkward for Mama Labrador who can have an average of 8 puppies in a variety of coat colors. But I bet she’ll love them all equally!

5. Male Labs have thicker and more luxurious coats than females
Male Labradors require more grooming than females as their coats are thicker and much coarser. I bet you didn’t know that one!

And that’s our list of interesting facts about the happiest dog breed on that planet! Now I hope you’re prepared to laugh because the next video is a must-watch for everyone, and especially for you Labrador lovers. If you’ve ever owned, loved or admired a Labrador, you’ll know just how wacky and adorable their personalities can be and this compilation of funny Labs sums it all up perfectly! Enjoy, pooch fans!

And just in case you missed the best part:

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