Frenchies, Frenchies, Frenchies!

September 26, 2014

As our adorable friend said above, Happy Friday! Fridays are definitely our favorite days, and not because tomorrow is Saturday. On Fridays we post the Breed of the Week and this week we’re celebrating all the amazingness of the world’s latest favorite dog breed, FRENCHIES! Last week we got all googly-eyed over Pugs. Man, that was fun! Now it’s time to shine a light on French Bulldogs. They started taking over the world a few years ago and they’ve done pretty well for themselves so far. Now let’s talk about these infinitely cute shorties and allow them to take their rightful thrown in the seats of our hearts. Don’t try and fight it!

French Bull Dog

You’ve heard of them. You’ve seen them on Instagram. You may have even encounters one in real life, but how much do you really know about French Bulldogs? Turns out, there’s a lot behind these bat-eared pooches and we’re about to find out all about what makes Frenchies so darn popular. It’s time for some fun facts and some adorable photos and videos that will make your heart melt and reform in the shape of a Frenchie! We can’t wait!

1. French Bulldogs were an extremely popular breed from 1909 to 1914. Famous historical Frenchie owners include King Edward VII, Empress Aleksandra and the family of Tsar Nicholas Romanov. If you’re more into current culture (like me) than some famous 2014 Frenchie owners include Lady Gaga, John Legend, Reese Witherspoon, Ashlee Simpson, Hugh Jackman, Leo DiCaprio and David Beckham (to name a few).

2. French Bulldogs snore! And it may just be the cutest thing about them. Unless you’re a light sleeper. They sure aren’t!

3. Frenchies have a hard time swimming because of their tiny legs and they top-heavy bodies, BUT they love to dress up so putting on a lifejacket should be no trouble at all (dog walking new York).

4. Some people refer to French Bulldogs as “Frog Dogs” because of how they’re able to lay with their legs flat behind them.

5. If you’re going to wake a sleeping French puppy, be prepared for some serious attitude. FACT!

6. French Bulldogs are the 18th most popular breed of dog in the U.S, but in Los Angeles they’re the #1 breed to own. No wonder there are so many famous Frenchies on Instagram!
So that’s it folks! But before we wrap things up and send you on your way to have a fantastic weekend with your pooch, we’d like to share this awesome poem written by Frenchie blogger All Things Frenchie. If you own a Frenchie, be sure to share this post with your friends and family because you know they’ll love it!
“I’m not a pig, I’m not a pug, my ears haven’t been cropped, my tail hasn’t been docked. I didn’t run into a wall or get hit in the face with a frying pan. I do not bite, but my owner is another matter altogether. That noise is how I breathe-I’m not growling at your child. I’m not so ugly I’m almost cute and anyone who would say that is so stupid they are almost smart. I’m a French Bulldog and I’m perfect in every way!”

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