International Exhibition on Animals in Art Is Full Of Dogs

March 20, 2012

Best In Show is not just an award for the highest scoring purebred at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s also the award for best piece of art at the International Exhibition on Animals in Art, which though located at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Library, features work from all around the continent. According to The Advocate, More than 500 pieces were submitted from Canada, Mexico and the United States and this year’s Juror, William Fagaly, has chosen 74 pieces to show. The requirement? They must be stunning works of animals (dog walking new York).

Dog Art Exhibition

Of course, for dog lovers, this means pooches galore, including artists from past shows. Ernie Fournet, for example works in pen and ink to create pieces like this year’s “Neal and Robbie,” a work featuring a policeman and his dog. Another piece, sure to be a showstopper is Kathy Reeve’s “Jefe,” pictured above. Janice Turner has used graphite to illustrate the loving relationship between man and his dog in “Daddy’s Home,” a portrait of a man sitting on the couch with a smiling dog next to him.
Clearly the artists have as much love for dogs as we (and you) do! While the images for the current show aren’t all available, take a look at 2011’s compilation and enjoy!


“Deep Thoughts” by Peterson

“Izzy” by Rice

“Andy at the Beach” by Elliott-Smith

“The Lab’s Mutto” by Bassler

“Ruby” by Baxter

“Bling Bling” by DiAndrea

“Whoa” by Doellinger

“Hound Lounge” by Thompson

“A Wonderful Life” by Beckner

“Snow Angel” by Stone

“Lady” by Allen

“Stubby” by Stockwell


Some really amazing stuff!

Source: Info and main image via The Advocate, Other images via LSU

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