Britain’s Got A Talented Dog Named Pudsey

April 11, 2012


Yesterday we talked about robotic dogs that know how to dance, but today, we’re going to talk about one amazing dog named Pudsey, a UK resident, who may be the best dog dancer we have ever seen. If you’ve ever watched the show Britain’s Got Talent, you know that the judges and the audience see some terrible acts, some amazing ones and those that fall in between. Simon Cowell, the hard-hitting judge is difficult to crack, but if you get praise from him, you know you’re the real deal. That said, Ashleigh, one of the contestants on the show brought down the house with her amazing act, of which she was only half. The other half? Her dog, Pudsey, who aside from being adorable, is also quite a talent.


Ashleigh received Pudsey on her 11th birthday, gift wrapped in a box (above) and the two, according to Ashleigh and her family, have had an unbreakable bond ever since. They spend all their time together and obviously they work on amazing dance numbers during their days, as you will see in the video (below).


After watching the dance, choreographed and performed to the Flinstones theme song, you’ll see another amazing thing: Simon Cowell, loving the performance. Evidently he has a soft spot for dog acts, loves the Flintsones and loved Ashleigh and Pudsey.


Watch as Pudsey and Ashleigh show off their skills in full, on the video below:

So much fun! We hope Ashleigh and Pudsey have a long future of performing ahead of them.

Sources: Images via Daily Mail, info via Britain’s Got Talent video 

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