Intergroom: Dog Grooming Like You’ve Never Seen It

April 26, 2012

Have you heard of the Intergroom Conference? This is something we recently learned about and we’re blown away! Here’s a little background: The show was founded in 1981 by Shirlee Kalstone and is held in New Jersey. Since its very first conference, Intergroom has grown to feature 3,000 dogs, cats and their groomers from all over the world. While it’s also a great place for groomers and salon managers to partake in some continuing education, the highlight of the event is, no doubt, the dog grooming competition. Groomers bring their necessarily very furry pups to the competition and create colorful, downright impressive sculptures within their dog’s coat. Cats too, partake. They push the boundaries of grooming and, as you’ll see in the below pictures, make incredibly creative and one-of-a-kind pieces of art using dyes and other grooming tools.
The winner of the competition takes home the “Intergroom International Groomer of the Year” title and groomers compete in a variety of classes including poodles, terriers, spaniels and other sporting dogs, mixed breeds and more. We think all of these very zealous groomers did a great job.











Pretty incredible, right?

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