Golden Retriever Puppy Cam with Future Service Dogs

July 16, 2012

We’ve all come to know and love The Puppy Cam, which has featured various litters of adorable Shiba Inu pups over the last few years. But now, as reported by Gawker, another puppy cam located in Maryland is streaming, and this time with six future service pups.

Puppy Cam

This Dog Bless You cam allows you drool over the cuteness of golden retriever puppies that were born on June 24th. When they’re old enough, the puppies will head to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda for their training. Here, the goldens will be trained by veterans with PTSD as part of a therapy program, Warrior Canine Connection, before going on to live with veterans with physical disabilities.

The puppy pack consists of one boy and five girls and sometimes, mother, Holly, makes an appearance. You can follow their little lives for about eight to 10 weeks.(dog walking services nyc)

So cute!

Source: Gawker

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