How to Keep Your Senior Dog Happy and Healthy

August 9, 2012


While senior dogs are often the easiest companions to have — they’ve already got it all figured out including how not to chew your shoes, how to go outside, how to to be calm and so on — they can also have some problems that come with age. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention to your older pup and make sure her senior years are  just as wonderful as her younger ones. Lori Thomas Dickert of All Pet News has come up with a handful of excellent tips to ensure a healthy and happy senior pooch. Here they are.

1. Make sure to make it to the vet regularly and that your dog is all up-to-date on needed vaccinations.

2. Don’t skip the exercise! Going up and down the stairs a little and being active is good for older dogs.

3. Check out products that are designed especially for senior dogs.

4. Feed your dog food that is made for aging dogs and appropriate for your pooch’s health.

5. Incorporate joint supplements into your dog’s diet to keep them moving well.

6. Give your elder pup fish oil, which is a heart healthy supplement.

7. Get a super comfortable dog bed for optimal napping and sleeping bliss.

8. Help your dog reach your bed (or other higher areas) by buying a dog ramp or stairs so they don’t have to jump.

9. Keep your dog’s mind busy and healthy by teaching them new, age-appropriate tricks.

10. Whether looking for a permanant new friend or a playmate, choose a dog around the same age and with a similar energy level to your senior.

11. Take more potty breaks! Older dogs have to go more than younger ones.

12. To prevent separation anxiety, which can be more common in senior pups, leave something at home that smells like you and help them feel less anxious.

13. Give them lots of love! (We added this one.)

Source: All Pets News, Main image via

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