The Yellow Dog Project

September 26, 2012
yellow dog project timid dog

Not every dog on the street is interested in interacting with other dogs. Some just need space for whatever reason, but in New York City, where you pass multiple dogs on every walk, it’s difficult to know which dogs these are. You don’t want your pooch to get snapped at, or snap at another dog, so what’s the solution? Recently The Yellow Dog Project has been circulating the web to address this exact problem.(dog walking services nyc)

Yellow Dog Project

The Yellow Dog Project is extremely simple, and really smart. If you see a yellow ribbon tied around a dog’s leash, that indicates that the dog needs space. This works for sick dogs, heeling dogs, dogs in training, fearful dogs, dogs being rehabilitated and so on.

The Yellow Dog Project

The Project is working to get on the radar of dog owners everywhere, so help out by sharing their Facebook information, this blog post and spreading the word. Let’s make our city walks as enjoyable as possible for you and the dogs!

Source: The Yellow Dog Project

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