What Thanksgiving Foods Your Pet Can Eat

November 21, 2012

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means a giant feast with family. Dogs will, of course, want to join in with everyone and will circle the table like sharks waiting for a bite. Whether they’re looking for table scraps or sitting beside the biggest pushover, it’s important for everyone to know what foods are okay for dogs to consume and which ones aren’t. Boston.com came up with a great list and we wanted to share it!

The okay category: These are foods your dogs can eat in small quantities.

1. Turkey: This poultry has more fat and grease than other meats so keep it minimal. Make sure to remove all bones!

2. Mashed potatoes: This only works if they’re made using minimal extras like salt and butter. If they’re bland, then a little bit won’t hurt your dog.

3. Homemade rolls: Fine in small amounts.

4. Green bean casserole: Only the beans can be eaten by your dog! With the stuff that gets poured on top though, it might be hard to pick out the beans.

5. Corn: Dogs can definitely eat loose corn kernels, but not from the cob.


The ‘no way’ category: Your dog should stay away from these altogether.

1. Turkey gravy: This is too fatty for your pet!

2. Stuffing: The more fat, butter and other seasonings that go into this (the stuff that makes it yummy!), the worse it is for your pup.

3. Cranberry sauce: Way to much sugar and possibly unknown ingredients that are harmful.

4. Sweet potatoes: This often-candied treat has too much sugar for your pet.

5. Pecan pie: Your dog won’t keel over, but this pie has a lot of sugar and again, this is something to avoid.

6. Apple pie: Sugar, sugar and more sugar.

7. Pumpkin pie: This won’t hurt your pet, but it has lots of… wait for it…sugar!

Can you resist the begging this year? Think about your dog’s health first and try to ignore the puppy eyes.

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