A Doggy Pedometer Can Help Pups Lose Weight

November 29, 2012

Is your pup a little chubby? Lots of people deal with overweight pets and it’s been a trending news item lately with a majorly overweight dachshund circling the web. To help with this issue, Fujitsu Laboratories has come up with a doggy pedometer that does so much more than track steps.

The Wandant pedometer is like the human version of this device but it tracks the motion of your dog. It can feel shivers, temperature changes and walking, of course. This device seems like a great one if you want to know your dog’s activity level. All of the information can be uploaded to a cloud service and it’s synthesized into graphs and reports for you to review. You can access this cloud via your mobile device or a computer and really keep an eye on how much exercise your pet is getting.

The Wandant connects to your pet’s collar and is made for pups that have legs measuring six inches or more. So if you have a teeny tiny dog, it probably won’t work.

This product is only available in Japan right now, but with obese pets being on everyone’s radar, hopefully it will make its way to the U.S.!

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Source: News.cnet.com


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