Blind Dog Has Seeing Eye Cat

January 7, 2013

Dogs are amazingly helpful to humans with impaired sight and can become wonderful seeing eye dog companions. But what happens when a dog is blind? Sure a human can help him get around, but why not a creature of another species? When eight-year old Terfel, a blind pooch, had trouble navigating the world, a cat came to his rescue.

Yes, a cat! After Terfel was diagnosed with cataracts and basically confined to a basket it was Pwditat that saved him. Judy Godfrey-Brown, Terfel’s human mom, let a stray cat into her home and what happened was amazing. Pwditat went right up to Terfel and brought him out into the garden. From that moment on she has been acting as his guide cat and helping him live his life.

According to The Sun, Godrey-Brown noted that, “Pwditat immediately seemed to know that Terfel is blind.”

How amazing is that?

Source: The Sun

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