3 Great Ways to Enjoy Central Park With Your Dog

February 9, 2016

Who doesn’t love Central Park? It’s one of the many wonderful perks about living in the city, and it’s so large and diverse that there is always something new to check out. The Central Park Conservancy works hard to give us the best ways to enjoy the amazing, man-made marvel. Even with our NYC Pooches!

Off Leash Times

Most New York City parks have allotted times that the NYC pooches can run around in the free. This is a great way to explore and enjoy any place with your best friend. Central Park’s off-leash times are 6am-9am, and again at 9pm until the park closes at 1am! That’s a big chunk of time. Now, of course, there are some rules. Central Park is one of the staples of New York City, and because of that there are restrictions on what sections are, what I like to call, Free-Range. For example, even during these off-leash times, any lawn that is closed before 9am is off limits. There are other restrictions, including sections that don’t allow dogs at any time. You can look at them here!

Which brings me to the next tip!

Dog Friendly Zones

There may be places where Central Park dogs shall not pass, but the park conservancy does a great job at letting us know where we can frolic without worry. The places surrounding the Great Lawn are open to walking your dog, so is the East Meadow, the Great Hill, the Mall, and many other places. We also get a great idea of where there are water fountains specifically for you and your dog. The Central Park Conservancy has great maps you can download! One that gives outlines where dogs are welcome, and one that gives a more detailed overview. Both show you the rules, and the locations of the best places to run free during off-leash times, or just where to sit and enjoy the park.

Central Park Paws Events

That’s right, the conservancy has a program specifically for the love of dogs in the park. Their goal is to strengthen the presence of dog ownership positivity, encouraging people to volunteer! Central Park Paws hosts great events, including guided hikes through Central Park, where you and your pup can learn about the history and current efforts.
On top of that, there are mixers, classes starting in April, and the occasional dog-centric fair! Check out their site, while you’re at it!

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