Guinness World Records, and Skateboarding Dogs!

February 22, 2016

It’s possible you’ve heard of such a thing as a skateboarding dog. Trained dogs have been the focus of a lot of praise and fame in media, after all, and I think there are still Air Bud spinoffs being made. We are constantly mesmerized by outstanding dogs!

Skateboarding Dogs

One such dog is Otto, the first dog from Peru to hold a Guinness World Record! And while he isn’t the only skateboarding dog in the world, or in the book of records, he is the only one who attempted and pulled off skating beneath 30 people.
His owner’s, Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards were reportedly inspired by the other famous skating bulldog, Tillman, who once held a Guiness World Record before his death last year. His award was for speed: Fastest 100 m on a skateboard by a dog nyc dog walking. And Tillman had a close friend named Tyson. The two would skate together:

In 2013, though, a dog named Jumpy beat Tillman’s score by .02 second. Now that is a close call! Jumpy takes his sport to the next level, and has conquered some tricks and ramps.

Interestingly enough, a lot of skaters are bulldogs. A couple of them even live in New York! Beefy is the pride of Astoria, and his site gives a great description of his career—including being on Dr. Oz.
And another New York bulldog, Cartman, landed himself a spot on Good Morning America!

Likewise, Otto isn’t the only skateboarding bulldog in Peru. In fact, both Otto and his pal, Biuf, both live in Lima. The way Biuf puts it, he got to meet Otto when he was a puppy, and him learning how to skate was a way to overcome the fear of skateboards on the street. Even though Biuf doesn’t have any world records (yet), he is a true activist in his community. His official site says, “…we have started a club where up to 20 bulldogs meet weekly and try to skate.” And it’s going global!
Biuf also attempted skim boarding, and Tillman could surf! All of these athletic dogs are amazing in their talent and love of riding the boards. When it comes to Otto’s September, 2015 Guinness World record, he really knows how to carve through his course. Check out his record-making video!

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