Even Dogs Can Be Super Heroes!

February 12, 2016


Also known as Superdog, was Superman’s beloved sidekick. Like in any good origin story, the lovable dog character and his master grew up together on planet Krypton. The character first showed up in 1955 in the Adventure Comics issue #210 with Superboy. The idea was that Kal-El’s father launched Krytpo into space, but the rocket got lost for years before finally, and conveniently crashing on Earth. Of course, he had a higher intelligence and super abilities with a flare of comic relief. As adaptations of Krypto developed, he become more canine and less gimmick-y. It’s not clear what breed Krypto is suppose to be, but his white coat is always garnished by a dog-sized super cape, complete with the trademark S.

Krypto belongs to DC Comics

Ace the Bat-hound

I suppose when it comes to hero’s naming their crime-fighting dogs, they don’t consider a lot of originality. The Bat-hound was created in 1955 after Krypto’s success, but unlike Superdog, he has a more clear breed: the german shepherd. Over the years, Bruce Wayne and Ace’s meeting has been represented in different ways, but the original story was that Ace’s original owner was kidnapped. Batman and Robin used Ace to aid in the rescue, and at the end the owner gifts the dog to Bruce (unaware of the secret identity.) Ace briefly had super powers, and his collar acted like a utility belt. Newer versions of Ace have popped up, and he continues to have small roles, always ready to help.

Ace the Bat-Hound belong to DC Comics

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers

Unlike Ace and Krypto, Lockjaw is both a side-kick and a leader. He first showed up in 1965 in Fantastic Four #45, the same issue that revealed the Inhumans. He works with them as their transporter, and assists them with his extra-canine abilities. In 2009, the Pet Avengers was released, showing Lockjaw as the leader of a super-hero animal team. One member is a version of Thor… but he’s a frog.

Lockjaw belongs to Marvel Comics

Streak the Wonder Dog

I bet you didn’t know that the Green Lantern had a pet dog. Streak was introduced in 1948, and only lasted a handful of issues. But in those few appearances, he all but stole the comic from Alan Scott. In 1952, Streak was redeveloped and turned into Rex who was the title character of his own series! Rex the Wonder Dog and his brother, Pooch were both members of the army’s K-9 corps. He was the subject of the classic Super Soldier serum, which left him with the abilities to have his own adventures as a lead character. Rex ended up leaving the army and becoming a type of private eye with his owner, as well as finding himself in some unusual hijinks.
Streak and Rex belong to DC Comics


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