Find Your Leash In Life: We Like Being Adjustable

March 22, 2016

Ok, the city offers a huge amount of delights for you and your dog. There’s no question about that. But it is also can offer a lot of challenges while you’re out on your walks. The streets of New York City can be very busy, narrow, crowded, loud—wow, they can be loud! That means a lot of stimuli. It’s important to know how your dog reacts to these things (check out our trainer’s blog) but it’s also important to know the tools that can help. And one of the most important tools is the one you use the most: the leash.

“The Leash, You Say?”

I know we all know the leash is important. But too often, dog owners buy for color rather than practicability. The go to is a standard, usually about 6 feet, maybe with somewhere you can clip a doggy bag dispenser on. There’s nothing wrong with that! But something you use every time you walk your dog should be a little more adaptable. Which is why NYC Pooch Dog Walkers carry an adjustable leash.


Not Retractable

Nothing against retractable leashes! But adjustable is not the same. A retractable leash may be what people think: a spring-loaded, thin leash that allows your dog roaming freedom. You can put breaks on it, if you want. And allow a long range with a click of a button. Sounds great! But what the retractable leash doesn’t always provide is control.
The spring-load could give out. The lock could break! And the thin wire could snap or knot—these things aren’t unthinkable. And no leash is immune! But New York streets can be unpredictable, and the adjustable leash gives you a diverse, strong tool.


The Function Is In The Name

The leash can be shortened or expanded from roughly 4 to 6 feet (depending on the brand.) What this does is similar to the retractable, but with more control. The adjustable leash is the strong, thick nylon a standard leash is, but is used by trainers and walkers for their ability to tackle any situation. Being a dog walker means that you encounter many personalities a day. One dog may pull, another may want to snuggle all day instead of walking, and maybe one has a problem with the loud delivery truck that passes every afternoon. The adjustable leash allows a great amount of freedom to choose a length or a style to walk.



Let’s Walk In Style!

One benefit of a leash like this is that some brands are long enough for hands free walking. You can make a loop large enough to put around your shoulder and chest! For some this may be a great way to have a morning run. To other’s, it could help with a large dog who pulls.
But it also allows for freedom as a reward. If you’re training your pup, good behavior means trust: a short to longer leash. That’s what we call a non-food reward. And of course, if you’ve been with your dog since she was a puppy, it’s a leash that grows with you both.

It’s important to research all tools before buying one for you and your dog. Don’t let us make up your mind! Different breeds and temperaments work differently with styles of leashes. Ebay has a nice guide to choosing a right dog leash for you and your family. But for walking on the New York City streets, we NYC Pooch Dog Walkers carry our adjustable leashes with pride so we can provide unique care to every personality.

Here is a picture of my own leash


I named her Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

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