For Dogs?

May 7, 2012

The internet has become one of the easiest places to meet people. Whether you are looking for others who want to get behind a common cause, people that share your interests, or a date, you can find websites created specifically for that purpose. It was only a matter of time until someone created the equivalent for our dogs. Though it’s not a dating site exactly,, is a network set up specifically for dogs to meet up with other dogs for play dates.
While you can take your pups to the dog runs in New York City, or to the off-leash hours in the park, not all pooches do well amongst strangers and some thrive with one-on-one play. That’s the idea behind, which right now is limited to New York, and allows you to screen your dog’s potential matches and set up a play date with one that might be a perfect pal. Of course, there is a human aspect here with dogs being the catalyst to potentially meet more human friends.


The site, which is still in beta, is simple to use. You sign up by filling out some info about you and a your dog, including what parks your pup loves, and then you can start scheduling play dates. There are lists of already-scheduled ones that you can join, or you can create your own.
Is this something you’d partake in? We’ll be interested to see if it really takes off.


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