Boston Terrier Holds World Record For Dog With The Largest Eyes

June 4, 2012

Bruschi, a four-year-old Boston terrier just landed himself in the Guinness Book of World Records, according to People Magazine. How’d he get there? He has eyes that measure 28 millimeters, which is more than one inch in diameter.

Dog With The Largest Eyes

Victoria Reed, Bruschi’s owner adopted him from a shelter a few years ago and has since received many comments from her friends about how big his eyes are. She said to Guinness, ” Some people do make fun of him for his looks…But I feel like he would go up to them and say, ‘Haha, look where I am now, I’ve got a record for my looks!'”(dog walking services nyc)


Sadly, even though Bruschi has the biggest dog eyes, he only has peripheral vision and one even popped out last year, which can be a common affliction for dogs with bulging eyes. However, he’s fun loving, playful and otherwise totally happy, and we say congrats to Bruschi and his owner.

Sources: Main image and info via People Magazine, Black and white image via Guinness Book of World Records

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