Slow Motion Dogs Are All The Rage

June 5, 2012


We obviously love dogs when they’re fetching, walking, running and sleeping in regular motion. But dogs in slow motion are highly loveable too and according to Fast Company, slow-mo pups seem to be trending. Companies like Diesel, Pedigree and Vitalic have used this technique in their commercials and the effects are pretty amazing. Here are some stunning videos of dogs in slow motion compiled by Fast Company. You don’t want to miss them.
Diesel used posh pups to display their high fashion shades in a dramatic and edgy video for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Is it possible for dogs to look better in sunglasses? See for yourself.

This video is actually incredibly beautiful and was shot by TBWA Toronto for Pedigree. Watch these treat-catching pooches jump, lick and give puppy eyes at 1,000 frames per second.

Watch dogs fly in the air with the greatest of ease, fur flying and everything, in this video called “Birds” created by Pleix, a Paris based Collective.

We’ve featured this video before by Keith Hopkins, but it’s so enjoyable that it warrants another post. If you missed “Dogs In Cars” last time, watch dogs enjoying the ride in slow motion.

The St. Louis-based company, Bruton Stroube, created this stunning spot for Beneful. A quick jump or turn around the corner becomes a graceful ballet as the pups run toward a bag of Beneful.

The power of slow motion is pretty amazing!

Sources: Fast Company

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