Friday Fun: Five Hilarious and Adorable Dog Videos

July 20, 2012

Happy Friday to you all! We rounded up five funny and adorable videos of dogs last week and hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. We know Fridays can be tough after a long week, so we just want to give you some comic relief! Here are five more funny videos that we stumbled upon this week and just had to share.
1. This Dachshund doesn’t have as much fun stuck in a sweater as his owners do watching him.

2. The pool is a brand new and amazing thing for this city dog who has never seen one before.

3. This pup has breaking into the kitchen cabinets down to an exact science.!

4. Dog beds are not just for sleeping in this video. They’re for using as turtle shells!

5. This is just pretty adorable: A puppy smacking his lips for a prolonged period of time.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone!

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