My Dog: the Paradox

September 18, 2012

my dog the paradox
If you’ve never checked out a site called The Oatmeal, you’re in for a treat. It consists of funny comics, quizzes and more, all by a guy named Matthew Inman who lives in Seattle, Washington. Inman is a web designer and online marketer who seems to have been very successful in his career outside of his site, The Oatmeal. Yet we can confidently say, our favorite thing that he’s ever done is his latest comic called My dog: the paradox.

It’s an illustrated story of a man with his dog, but it really speaks to all humans and their pups. Why is a dog a paradox? Well, for example, a dog is not afraid of cars, trucks or airplanes but he is afraid of the hairdryer. The fun of this comic really can’t be summed up, so here are first few frames. Click the image to head over to the whole piece on The Oatmeal. If you really love it, you can also buy the comic in the form of a poster. Enjoy!

my dog the paradox

Source: The Oatmeal/Matthew Inman

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