Three-Legged Dog Helps Boy With Muscle Condition Overcome Fears

October 24, 2012

A little boy named Owen Howkins was born with a rare disease called Schwartz-Jampel Syndrom, that makes his muscles stay permanently stiff. At seven years old, Owen was already fearful of leaving his home. His cure? A three-legged dog named, Haatchi, who helped Owen overcome his struggles.

Owen had a fear of open spaces and basically refused to leave his home in the U.K. His fears increased after he began going to school and was able to realize how different he was from the rest of his schoolmates. His parents saw their child become more and more withdrawn. That is until they adopted Haatchi, an Anatolian Shepherd.

Haatchi’s presence immediately gave Owen more confidence. Colleen Drummon, Owen’s stepmother-to-be said to The Sun, “As soon as they met, the effect Haatchi had on Owen was incredible…Owen used to be scared of strangers, but he now wants to go out all the time to dog shows.”

Not only is the story of Haatchi and Owen amazing, but this dog’s story is incredible too. About ten months ago, Haatchi was abandoned on a railway line and was hit by a train. His tail and back leg were severely injured and were amputated. After seeing this on Facebook, Owen’s family decided to adopt him.

Now the two are inseparable and Haatchi is training to become a therapy dog. He also already has an award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare!

What a wonderful story of two special guys, helping each other. We wish them the best of luck!

Source: The Sun

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