Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

October 25, 2012
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Halloween is fast approaching and while we’re sure your costumes are in full swing (including your dog’s costume, right?), we want to make sure we give you some essential safety tips for your pooch on this spooky night. While it may seem like just any other evening as far as your dog is concerned, there are a few hazards that are unusual. Here are some great tips that will help you avoid any bewitching problems!

Halloween for Your Dog

No candy! Though obvious, there is always an excess of chocolate and other sweet treats lying around on Halloween and for the days that follow. Be extra careful! Most people know that chocolate is poison, but they might not know that artifical sweetener, Xylitol, is toxic as well and found in many candies. Also, watch the wrappers! These are not safe for dogs to play with.(dog walking services nyc)

Avoid Trick-or-treating runaways. If you live in a house or an apartment that opens to the street, make sure your dog is confined somewhere safe in the house while you’re welcoming trick-or-treaters. You don’t want Fido escaping! To be extra safe, make sure your dog is wearing ID at all times.

Be careful with your decorations. When decorating for the big night, make sure everything is dog-proof. Candles, edibles and other potentially hazardous décor should be kept higher than your dog can reach or just avoided all together. Watch out for electric wires that are powering decorations and generally use common sense about what a dog may try to chew on.

Keep your dog calm. With people jumping out of bushes, scary noises and lots of weirdness going on, it’s best not to take your dog trick-or-treating or to a place where he or she could potentially get scared. If you think your dog will be fearful of people coming to the door in costume, keep them away from that area. Overall just think about the well-being of your pup. If he or she is skittish, be smart about it.

Costume safety! We are all about dressing up your dog for an adorable Halloween eve, but make sure your dog is safe in whatever costume you choose. If they appear extremely uncomfortable, irritable or aggressive, take the costume off. You could start getting your pet accustomed to the costume now, by associating it with treats and trying it on him or her to see how it goes.

Did we miss any important safety advice? Comment below.

Also, stay tuned for our post tomorrow! We’ll be doing a roundup of awesome doggy Halloween costumes.

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