Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale is the First Bedtime Story for Dogs

November 5, 2012

When your dog gets jumpy, afraid or just downright crazy, what methods do you use to calm him or her down? Well, we’ve got a new one for you and it’s not typical. There is now the first ever bedtime, or relaxation story, for pooches.

The story is titled Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale and was it was written to include soothing syllables that are designed to lower canine stress. Produced by scientists, who spent years analyzing speech patterns, it is meant to calm dogs down during scary fireworks and other scenarios too.

You can play the story to your pup as read by Simon Callow (see video below) or you can read it yourself! Listen a minute to Callow’s version. It does seem soothing doesn’t it? If you prefer to read it yourself, the text guides you through which words should be emphasized and drawn out to maximize doggie relaxation.

Try it with your dog and let us know how it goes!

Source: The Sun

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