Friday Fun: Five Post-Storm Doggy Videos

November 2, 2012

New York has taken a beating from Frankenstorm Sandy and we hope you are all safe with your pets! While many parks are closed, we know it’s been tough entertaining your antsy dogs but these pooches in the following funny videos seem to know how to occupy themselves (dog walking services nyc). A corgi pounces on his food, another corgi attacks hair, a dog scavenges for lost teeth, puppies stay asleep and a herd of dogs tries to get inside with the help of a cat. Maybe we can all learn some ways to keep busy! Enjoy!

Dog Videos Funny

1. This corgi plays with his food for entertainment. It does look fun.

2. This dog scavenges for fallen teeth. Yes, teeth. Side note: never pull out a baby tooth around a dog.

3. These puppies sleep right through. They only move when being sleep-petted.

4. These dogs rely on the cat to get them out of the storm.

5. And finally, a corgi puppy attacks his owners hair to stave off boredom.

We hope you all are safe and sound after Sandy! Have a great weekend.

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