Meet Kimbo Slice the Ziplining Bulldog

December 19, 2012

In the heart of a Finca Bellavista, a sustainable community in Costa Rica, lives a bulldog named Kimbo Slice who is pretty amazing. Not only is he a canine member of this progressive, rainforest community, but he can also ride a zipline.

Finca Bellavista is over 300 acres of pasture and secondary rainforest and is home to the first modern, sustainable, tree house community. According to the website, the inhabitants “remain committed to being stewards of this land and our environment. Everything we do at Finca Bellavista is done with consciousness, caution and care guided by our personal beliefs. This is sacred ground.”

Their mission statement is as follows:

“To provide an opportunity for ecologically minded individuals to reside within the treetops of a unique rainforest ecosystem while promoting the conservation of species and the natural environment.”

But what would a home like this be without a dog?

Kimbo Slice, the resident bulldog is about 5 years old and while he has had some unfortunate adventures in the jungle (read his whole story here), he has clearly adapted to life as a Finca Bellavista pup. Watch him zipline from one place to another, seemingly without a care in the world.

Pretty cool, right? Read more about this community and Kimbo on their website:


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