Anatomy 101: Getting To Know Your Dog’s Body

September 23, 2014

Happy Tuesday, pooch fans! I hope you’re ready to learn some interesting facts about your canine companion and all their parts, because we’re about to dive right into Anatomy 101: Lesson 1. Your dog’s body is pretty important to its health, so get out a notepad because we’ve got some great facts about your dog’s body and a cool infographic to match and all you have to do is scroll down. Who knows, they may even help save your dog’s life one day!

Dog Body

The Basics
Learning about your dog’s body is a pretty good way to keep it healthy. It’s also a great way of determining how your dog’s feeling, seeing as they can’t really “tell” us if they’re sick or not. But wouldn’t it be great if they could? I bet they would have such great stories to tell! Anyway, if you know your dog’s body, you’ll know how to look after it and if you know how to look after your dog, then you’re doing things right!

The Important Stuff
So your dog has 10 important body parts to pay attention to: ears, mouth, eyes, skin, paws, joints, brain, heart, kidneys and liver. Each of these parts have a big effect on your dog’s overall health and each of them can be kept healthy by simple, routine grooming and care. And the cool thing is you can find a perfect breakdown of all that information in the infographic below. Yes, score! You can even print it out and keep it on the fridge. That’s what we’re doing!(dog walking services nyc)
Facts about Your Dog’s Body
Before you get stuck into that awesome infographic, here are some incredible, weird, bizarre, useful facts about your dog’s body that you’re definitely going to love. Dig in!
1. You can tell how long your dog is going to live by looking at its face! Seriously you can! The shape of your dog’s face can give you a pretty good estimate on his/hers lifespan. Apparently, dogs with long, pointed faces (like Labradors, Huskies and Pointers) live longer than dogs with short, flat snouts (like Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers).
2. Dogs CAN see color! Most people think dogs see in black and white. Well, that’s not exactly true! Dogs actually see a limited amount of color. Much like people who are color blind. They also see much better in low light. Now that’s just amazing!
3. Dogs’ sense of smell is 1000 times better than yours! That’s right! You know when they smell another dog’s urine and it’s kind of gross? Well actually they’re selling whether that dog was male or female, sick or healthy, old or young and they can even tell what sort of emotions that dog was feeling. I bet you won’t mind the next time your dog does that!
4. Dogs are pretty darn smart! Did you know dogs have the potential to understand up to 150 – 200 words? And that they’re about as smart as a two year old? Me neither!

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