5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Fall

October 15, 2014

Woohoo! Autumn is here and your dogs are pretty excited. They get to cosy up under a blanket, show off their fall fashion ensembles and most importantly, enjoy all those glorious, glorious leaves! But October isn’t all fun and games. There are some seriously risky things to look out for this autumn, and we’ve got the perfect infographic to make sure your dog stays healthy and safe as the weather gets cold and Halloween approaches. We’re glad you’re reading this. It’ll definitely come in handy throughout the season!
1. Fall = Fleas
Fall is the top season for fleas. They just love it. Fleas are rife throughout autumn and there’s no better time to invest in some flea control. Pop into your local vet and ask about the best methods of flea control for your dog. Fleas can be dealt with really easily these days and it’s best to get the problem eliminated as soon as possible.
2. Dogs Get Sick Too
With the amount of mold and pollen in the air in fall, dogs can get allergies too. If your dog starts sneezing, has a drippy nose and itchy eyes, you should make sure to take it to your local vet. This is especially important to look out for in puppies.

3. Oak Leaves Means No Leaves!
Oak leaves and acorns are extremely poisonous to dogs, no matter how much they love them. Ingesting them can cause internal blockage in your pooch and even drinking water contaminated with oak leaves can be toxic.
4. Be Careful With Your Jack O’Lanterns
Jack O’Lanterns are a must for the Halloween season, but they can be potentially dangerous with dogs around. Curious dogs may knock over lit lanterns which could cause a fire. Depending on your pooch, eating your decorative pumpkin may be a concern as well. This isn’t toxic, but will cause a seriously angry tummy.
5. Say NO to begging
With all the chocolate, candy, nuts and rich food around this season, it’s really important to make sure your dog doesn’t get ahold of any of it. All of this season’s favorite human foods and treats can be extremely dangerous to your dog and can cause dog bloat.
Want to hear more about what NOT to feed your dog this fall? We found the perfect infographic that explains what to look out for to keep your pooch safe this season.

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