What The Fur is Dogspotting?

October 13, 2014

Hi NYC Poochers! It’s Monday and you know what that means – it’s time for some fun, newsworthy content. This week we’re talking all about the new photo game that’ll have your newsfeed full of awesome dogs. Sound good? We know it does! Dogspotting is perhaps the best game to ever hit social media, but it’s not without its controversy. Hear all about the new doggie-centric photo game that’s sweeping through Facebook and causing quite a stir.
Dogspotting is a pretty simple game. You join a group on Facebook, spot a dog (or dogs) out and about, snap a photo, share the photo with the group and collect points! It’s a really easy way to watch your Facebook newsfeed fill up with tons of photos of cool and interesting dogs, and it’s a whole lot of fun! And hey, if you don’t have a camera, a descriptive retelling of your “spot” will do just fine too!

And although the points system seems totally random, there’s actually a scale they (attempt) to judge by. Here it is:

Dogspotting actually started offline in 2006, by John Savoia. He shared the idea with a few of his friends and they started a game out of it. Today Dogspotting is a Facebook group with over 27,000 members and counting. It’s on the rise to becoming viral and drawing more attention than ever before!
The cool thing about the game is that you can lose points too. You’ll lose points for posting a photo of your own dog or any other dog that you know. You’ll also lose points for posting photos of a dog acting violently. And if you post a photo where the dog has “spotted” you back, the dog gets all the points! That’s the best part!
Dogspotting may seem pretty easy and fun, but some dogspotters take it VERY seriously. They’ve even created their own scoring systems for a more challenging game. The original scoring system created by John Savoia is known as the Savoian scorring system, but there’s a new scoring system in town called the Boruff Orthodox scoring system. There’s even a website where members can track their score and ranking in the game!

These two points systems have sparked controversy throughout the world of Dogspotting. Members of the two sides basically rage war through the group, the website and the internet. The admin of the group have actually enforced the new Orthodox scoring system since October 8th and will now ban anyone who doesn’t albeit. Some members are incredibly upset about the new rules and have reacted very publically to the changes. In Orthodox rules, spotting small dogs gets points subtracted from your total and all in all the game is a lot less fun!

If you’d like to get involved in Dogspotting there are two ways you can do it! Join the original group and follow the rules of the Boruff Orthodox scoring system, or find one of the many “New Wave” Dogspotting groups and have fun with casual, old school Savoian rules. Either way, we think all dogs should be awarded +1000 points for their unique adorableness! That’s the NYC Pooch scoring system!

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