These Fun Dog Food Commercials Think Outside the Bowl

February 5, 2016

We know the image: A dog with big eyes, a family smiling. Perhaps there is a voice-over telling the audience: “I know what she wants, and what she needs.” Cue music. Close up of a dry dog food package. The dog’s ears perk up.
This is a classic, and comforting dog food commercial. But what if the commercials mixed it up a bit? Maybe they could take a cue from SCTV, the Canadian skit show, and their Poochare ad:

There’s nothing like bringing a little sex appeal into a dog’s meal!

Although not all of the commercials in the trade can be as effective as a comedy skit, there are some that took a break from the wholesome family values and managed to squeeze in a laugh. Here are some fun dog food commercials!

Frolic Complete

Speaking of sex appeal, Frolic Complete seems to know what sells. But I think we all can agree that Mr. Bull Dog has more going for him than… biscuits.

Lucky Dog 1990

Any dog who loves cheese truly is lucky.

King Kuts 1988

Did you know the Ancient Egyptians worshipped dogs like they did cats?

The Beneful Goldberg Machine

If you know your history, you’ll know that these dogs are pretty clever, and Rube Goldberg would be proud.

Purina, 1974

Purina was smart to interview NYC Pooches! We New Yorkers are known for giving real talk.

Kibbles and Bits Dancing Dogs

The only clear choice for the “Disco Dog” is a basset hound. No contest.

Bonus: The Calbee Dog

This is not an ad for dog food. It’s a chip brand whose mascot is what we can assume is a dog, and we just couldn’t leave it out!


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