Geometric Canine Design by Josh Brill

October 4, 2012

Dog art by Josh Brill

We don’t’ know about you but we love all things dog including fun pieces of art and design. That’s why we’re digging prints we came across by a small art and design label called Lumadessa. Lumadessa was created by Josh Brill and he produces limited edition prints of things like mammals, birds and canines. Of course, we’re focusing on the latter.

Each print uses crisp geometric shapes to illustrate a breed in a really unique way. Brill has created a beagle, a Bernese mountain dog, a German shepherd, a dachshund, a Jack Russell terrier and a pug. In addition to being really well crafted and designed, these pooches are downright adorable. If you have one of these breeds or just love them, we think you’ll like his work even more. Each print starts at $25 and Brill has even created a free downloadable image to use as iPhone wallpaper.

Jack russell terrier by josh brill

german shepherd illustration by josh brill

dog illustration dachshund by josh brill

Beagle by josh brill

Bernese mountain dog by josh brill

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