Friday Fun: Five Adorable Dog Videos

October 5, 2012

Happy Friday! We hope you weathered what has turned out to be a dreary New York City week. But now, the weekend is near and to prepare for it we thought you could use some hilarious and adorable puppy videos. Below watch two dogs play with a balloon, an amazing compilation of sleeping dogs, a pug that thinks he’s a star, a very angry puppy that just wants some snuggles, and a pile of kitty-dog love. Really do we need to say more? Enjoy the weekend!

1. These doggies seem to despise balloons. That or they adore them. It’s hard to tell.

2. Probably the best compilation of sleeping dogs EVER.

3. This pug really turns it on when he sees the camera.

4. This adorable puppy seems angry about something. But he’s just so cute!

5. And to conclude, a cat and dog cuddling. It’s too much.

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