Keep Your Dogs (And Cats) Safe This Halloween

October 28, 2014

Happy Tuesday, NYC poochers! So Halloween is upon us and there’s just so much going on, you almost don’t have time to make your pooch a costume. Almost! But besides making matching costumes for you and your furry best friend, there are a few other things to keep in mind this October 31st. Halloween can be a dreadful time for pets. There’s dangerous candy around every corner, strangers at the door and everyone is dressed up in scary outfits. No wonder it’s not their favorite holiday. Here’s how to keep your dogs (and cats) safe this Halloween.
Before we get into the informative infographic below, let’s discuss some hazardous things to look out for on Halloween week.
1. Pet Costumes
We all know just how cute and adorable dressing your pooch up on Halloween can be, but think carefully before you go buying that awesome pet costume you found. Some pet costumes contain choking hazards, restricting designs and are just darn right uncomfortable for your pets. Make sure your pets costume is loose-fitting, comfortable and contains no plastic choking hazards or anything your dog can chew or ingest. The safest route is to make your own, pet-friendly costume that’s 100% unique and creative. Click here for some great ideas for dog costumes on Halloweens.

2. Halloween Anxiety
A lot of humans get anxious about Halloween, and so do your dogs. Think about it; lots of loud noises, door bells, children in strange costumes and spooky decorations everywhere. Your pooch has no idea what’s going on and might not be feeling just as festive as everyone else. Make sure your pets are relaxed and comfortable on Halloween. A little extra attention may be needed to calm their nerves. If you’re planning on going out on October 31st, leave your dogs in a quiet, familiar room, away from the front of the house. This should help distract them from the noises in the street and help them relax on such a spooky night.
3. Keep an Eye on Your Pooch
Pet snatches spike over Halloween, and it’s important to keep an eye on your pet until the festivities are over. Remember that not everyone is as kind-hearted as you and pranksters may take their “tricks” out on your pet. If you’re planning on going away over Halloween, make sure you hire a pet sitter to look out for your pooch over the weekend.
And don’t forget to watch out for all that candy:

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