Best Halloween Pooches of 2014

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween poochers! To celebrate this spooky holiday we’re choosing the best Halloween pooches of 2014 by photos taken at the famous Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade last Saturday. Now where’s all the candy?!

Dogs At Halloween

“Take me down to the Vatican City!”

Ahoy, land dwellers! How’s the weather down there?

“Get treats, I must!”

“What’s everybody looking at?”

“We look totally hardcore, right Mommy?”

I am PUGasso!

Who wants a balloon animal?

Howdy, New York!

Who wants to be my sous chef?

Muggles never understand.

“Where’s my Ms.Pacdog?”

I still don’t like wearing this cone.

We want to see your doggie Halloween costumes! Share all your crazy, cute and scary photos to our Facebook page and join in on the conversation! Thanks to Gothamist for the great photos. Click on that link back there to see more photos from this awesome collection (nyc dog walking).

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